Randall Coffland Mentioned Killing Twin Daughters in Past: Reports (2024)

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He also told his estranged wife earlier on the day of the March 10 shooting that he was going to kill himself.


Randall Coffland Mentioned Killing Twin Daughters in Past: Reports (4)

ST. CHARLES, IL - Randall Coffland had talked about killing his twin daughters prior to the March 10 fatal shooting of Brittany and Tiffany Coffland, both 16 years old. Earlier that same day, he also told his estranged wife, Anjum Coffland, he was going to kill himself, according to police reports provided to the Daily Herald through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Authorities said the teens were both shot in the head by their father and authorities found them in separate rooms, with a blanket covering their bodies, when they responded to Randall's condo at 450 E. 1st Street on March 10 , the Daily Herald reports. Randall Coffland, who placed a 911 call before taking his own life, was found with a fatal gunshot wound to his head and lying face down in bathtub filled with water.

Anjum and Randall Coffland had been living at a separate residences in St. Charles at the time of the shooting. The police reports detail a meeting between the two on March 9 where Randall said he wanted to get back together but Anjum said she wanted a divorce, according to the Daily Herald.

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Randall called Anjum twice on March 10 -- first in the morning when he said he was going to kill himself and then again that afternoon when he told "he had secrets, too" and asked that they meet up. When Anjum walked into the kitchen of Randall's condo, she found him pointing a gun at her, according to the Daily Herald. He told her the girls were already dead.

He then shot Anjum in the leg. She placed a 911 call and Randall can be heard saying, "I want you to live and suffer like I did." In Randall's call to 911 he said, "“I just shot my two kids, and I shot my wife and now I’m going to shoot myself."

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The St. Charles community said good-bye Friday to Brittany and Tiffany Coffland during a visitation for the sisters who were juniors at St. Charles East High School.

A steady flow of mourners stopped out to Christ Community Church in St. Charles to pay their respects, including many students and staff at St. Charles East, the Aurora Beacon-News reports. Inside the church there were photos of Brittany and Tiffany from when they were young girls up until their teen years and large bouquets of pink roses. Long lines waited to pass by their coffins.

Yalon Rogers, Ben Garcia and Nick Garlisch, who are all juniors at St. Charles East and on the football team, told the Aurora Beacon-News they knew Brittany as a cheerleader at the school and knew Tiffany through their classes.

"It breaks my heart to see something as tragic as this happen to two beautiful people. They could have had a great future," Ben Garcia told the newspaper.

More via the Daily Herald and the Aurora Beacon-News

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Randall Coffland Mentioned Killing Twin Daughters in Past: Reports (2024)
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