Number of Target stores in USA - 2021 Store Location Analysis (2024)

There are 1,897 Target stores in the USA (as of Feb 2021). As COVID infections have surged and people remain to stay at home, Target stores have become a great service to customers with shoppers growing fastest throughout the holiday season.

We gathered store location data from to gain insight on stores and services available across the US.

Insights in Brief

  • There are 1,897 Target stores in the US
  • California (307) has the highest number of Target stores.
  • The city with the most stores is in Chicago (21).

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Target Locations in US

Target stores are present in all 50 states. Target stores are concentrated in the northeast regions and parts of California.

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How to scrape Store Locations from

Number of Target Stores in the US by State

California is the state with the highest count of stores (307). The graph below shows the top 15 states with the largest number of target stores.

16.1% of Target stores are located in California while Texas comes second with 8%, followed by Florida with 6.6%.

Number of Target Stores in the US by City

Target stores are located across 1,191 cities, with the highest number of stores is in Chicago, IL followed by Minneapolis, MN, and Houston, TX.

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Services Offered at Target Stores

Target In Store Pick Up

All 1,897 Target store location have store pick up and 1,814 stores have drive-up services. Drive-Up allows you to order items from the Target app and bring your order out to your car when you arrive at the designated drive-up parking spaces at your local Target store. Customers have responded in force to efforts by Target to help them reduce exposure to the virus through same-day store pick up for orders, and also delivery.

Target Pharmacy

In 2015, CVS acquired all of Target pharmacies. Through the agreement, CVS acquired all of Target’s pharmacies and rebranded them as CSV Pharmacy, but still operate in the store-within-store format. Currently, there are 1,746 CVS pharmacies across Target stores.

Target Retail Clinic

Target has 77 retail clinics that have been branded as MinuteClinics. These clinics are available in 7 states.

Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest integrated health care system has retail clinics in 10 Target stores in California. These are branded as Target Clinic. Patients can get affordable and quality healthcare to the Target audience.

Food Chains and Other Services

Target and Starbucks have been partners since 1999. There are a total of 1,693 Starbucks cafes available across Target stores. Other chains available at some Target stores are Pizza Hut and Which Wich Superior Sandwich.

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Sales Surged for Target During COVID

Even with a pandemic grocery chains such as Target did fairly well in the year 2020. Target had $5 billion in market share gain in the first half of 2020. They ended the year by posting a profit, thanks to their in store pick up and online sales.

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Number of Target stores in USA - 2021 Store Location Analysis (2024)
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