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DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (1)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (2)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (3)

Watch DISH on the go or from your own living room with the official DISH streaming app.

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DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (4)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (5)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (6)

Take DISH Streaming Wherever You Go

Can you stream DISH Network? Absolutely.

Whether you’re on your way to work or school, flying to your next destination, or lounging around at home, you can stream DISH Network on almost any mobile device with the DISH Anywhere app.**

Not just a pared-down DISH streaming service, the official streaming app neatly folds your entire DISH TV plan into one easy-to-use app. All your live channels, DVR recordings, and On Demand options are available at the tap of a finger. Get the app today and take DISH on the go.

**Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 and compatible mobile device.

How Does DISH Anywhere Work?

The official DISH Network streaming app uses the internet and Sling™ broadcast technology to tap into your compatible DVR receiver right from your phone. That means wherever you have cell data or Wi-Fi, you and your family can stream 100% of your live, recorded, and On Demand DISH programming.

Stream Live Television

Borrow Wi-Fi or use your unlimited cell data to sneak your favorite shows and sporting events wherever you go. Any channel in your lineup is there in the DISH streaming app.

Stream Recordings

Just like at home, new episodes are saved and ready as soon as they come out. Plus, manage your DVR library—add, delete, and even download recorded TV with select receivers.

Stream On Demand

Wander outside your usual TV choices and watch DISH On Demand. With over 80,000 titles in the library, you’ll never run out of entertainment—even on a long flight or road trip.

View on 5 Devices at Once

Up to 5 users can stream DISH Network from the same account at once, so parents keep busy during soccer practice and kids stay content on the way to their grandparents’.

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DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (8)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (9)

How Do I Get DISH Anywhere?

It’s easy. If you’re reading this on your phone, scroll to the next section and tap the button that matches your OS to download the app instantly.

If you’re reading this on your computer, grab your phone or tablet and open App Store on iPhone, Google Play on Android, or Amazon Appstore on Kindle. Use the search bar to find the app, then download it and sign in with your DISH account credentials.

Get DISH Anywhere included FREE with these packages!

Download DISH Anywhere Now

Or watch TV on your desktop at

Need help working the DISH app? Check the FAQs or call customer service at 1-800-333-3474.

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (10)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (11)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (12)

Shop Packages for DISH Streaming

When you watch DISH Anywhere, your show options depend on the channels available in your satellite TV plan. Click below to check out channels, pricing, and built-in savings with America’s Top packages from DISH TV.

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (13)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (14)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (15)

How DISH TV Streaming Technology Works

  1. You open the app on your iPhone or Android and select a show from the guide.

  2. Your phone pings your cell tower or Wi-Fi source, which then pings your Sling-enabled DVR, which then pings your satellite dish to request the live video feed.

  3. Your satellite dish sends the requested data over a live stream back to your DVR, then to your cell tower or Wi-Fi source, then to your phone.

  4. Your show streams on your mobile device.

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (16)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (17)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (18)

Stream DISH TV Offline Too

When you can’t use all your cell data for streaming, but you’ve got hours to kill, download your favorite shows before you leave the house.

With a DISH Hopper DVR, you can save downloads right to your phone. And great news—the Hopper Smart HD DVR is included in the price of America’s Top packages. With other Sling-enabled DVRs, you’ll need a Hopper GO external drive to store and stream your offline recordings.

More Ways to Stream DISH

The DISH Anywhere app is made specifically for tablets and phones, but there’s yet another DISH app for streaming on select smart TVs. To find out if your smart TV can stream DISH Network, search for “DISH app” in your TV’s store or call 1-800-333-3474 to ask a specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DISH streaming app free?

Yes! Android and iOS users can download the DISH streaming app for free, and subscribers with a compatible DISH receiver can log in to watch thousands of TV shows and movies at no extra cost.

Which DVRs support streaming?

Your DVR needs Sling technology and an internet connection to stream DISH Network on the official DISH Network streaming app.

Both the Hopper 2 Smart HD DVR and the Hopper 3 Whole-Home DVR come preloaded with Sling. A few older DISH receiver models also support Sling for DISH Network streaming:

  • ViP SlingLoaded 922

  • ViP 722

  • ViP 722k with Sling adapter

How do I set up DISH Network streaming services?

First, make sure your compatible receiver is connected to the internet. Then grab your phone or tablet, download the DISH streaming app, and log in with your DISH account user ID and password.

  • To Watch Live TV: Choose “Guide” from the menu to see what’s on TV, or type what you want to watch into the search bar.

  • To Watch DVR Recordings: Choose “DVR” from the menu to see your available recordings.

  • To Set New Recordings: Find the program you want to save, tap its name for details, then hit “Record” under the title.

  • To Unlock Premium Content: Use the Guide or search bar to find your premium networks (Cinemax, SHOWTIME, etc.) and watch them online.

If you need personal assistance using the DISH streaming app, call DISH customer service at 1-800-333-3474.

Can I download videos from DISH Anywhere?

DISH Anywhere currently does not support video downloads to your home computer or PC.

Why are some episodes of shows not available?

Due to certain licensing rules, DISH is unable to live stream every episode of every program. If you can’t find the show or episode you want, the licensing may have expired, or it may be pending release.

What On Demand content is available for streaming?

With occasional exceptions for licensing, the DISH streaming app gives you access to the entire DISH On Demand library of 80,000 titles, including full-length TV shows from over 150 networks, recent theatrical releases, and other exclusive content not available on live TV.

Do I need internet access to stream DISH Network?

Yes, although you can also download select videos to your phone or Hopper GO to watch offline.

How to download recorded TV from the app

To download select videos, open the DISH TV streaming app and tap “More” in the menu. Then select “Transfers,” followed by “DVR,” to see your programs and choose which device to save them to.

DISH customers with a Hopper DVR can download recordings directly to their mobile devices. Customers with other Sling-enabled DVRs can download recordings to the Hopper GO, DISH’s external drive for offline streaming.

Can I download videos from

No, the desktop website doesn’t support video downloads to computers or laptops. But with the app or Hopper GO, you’ll have plenty of offline content for your internet-free hours.

Can I watch on my phone or tablet?

No, the website isn’t optimized for mobile devices. You’ll need the app to stream DISH Network on your phone or tablet.

What technical settings are best for streaming DISH?

Network and Bandwidth

DISH recommends an upstream and downstream bandwidth of 3 Mbps or higher for the best playback quality. Test your bandwidth here.

Operating Systems

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above

  • Macintosh OS X 10.9 or above

Recommended Browsers

For streaming on the website, DISH actively supports the latest two versions of the following browsers. JavaScript cookies must also be enabled.

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (19)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (20)

DISH Anywhere | Stream DISH Network Online & On The Go (21)

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How many people can use the DISH Anywhere app at the same time? ›

As we mentioned, DISH Anywhere supports up to five users at a time.

Can you watch DISH Anywhere without Internet? ›

Watch offline with DISH Anywhere. The ability to download movies and shows to watch offline is one of our favorite TV mobile app features. DISH Anywhere has something like it. Instead of allowing you to download content to your phone, DISH Anywhere lets you transfer recordings from your Hopper 3 DVR to your phone.

Does DISH have a senior discount? ›

The DISH senior discount is available for customers 55 and up, and gives senior customers the chance to take advantage of several monthly services. These include a free rental movie each month, as well as free in-person technical assistance and equipment replacement at your home, which normally cost $95 per visit.

How many TV can you have on one dish? ›

For 1 Main Connection, upto 3 Connections can be availed in the same house. Each television will have one set of box. All 4 connection will have one same antenna.

How many tvs can you run off one satellite dish? ›

Yes, it is possible to use one satellite dish for two televisions using separate receivers or a splitter. This is done by splitting the signal from the satellite dish and distributing it to multiple receivers or televisions.

Why can't I watch all my channels on DISH Anywhere? ›

Why Is It Happening? This issue is typically caused by a communication issue between DISH Anywhere and the receiver, or an issue with the receiver itself.

Why can't I cast my DISH Anywhere to my TV? ›

This issue often occurs when your casting device and mobile device are not connected to the same Wi-Fi internet. This issue may also be caused by a problem with DISH Anywhere or with the devices you are using to cast and watch content on DISH Anywhere.

How can I get DISH TV without a satellite DISH? ›

Can I get satellite TV without a dish? Sadly, you can't get DISH satellite TV without a dish. The good news is DISH's installation is free. So as long as you have space and permission to install a dish, you're good to go.

How much does DISH Anywhere cost? ›

There are thousands of movies, TV episodes and trailers available for everyone on DISH Anywhere for free, using either the free app or website, whether you're a customer or not. DISH customers can log in and enjoy their entire TV package from anywhere at no extra cost.

Does DISH include Netflix for free? ›

Is Netflix Free on DISH Network? Like with any TV provider, DISH customers will have to have access to a Netflix plan and log into it from the App screen or channel 302 to enjoy the seamless transition from DISH TV to Netflix. Netflix currently offers three affordable plans that pair perfectly with DISH programming.

How do I get DISH to lower my price? ›

Lowering your DISH bill

So you like DISH—but you'd like it better if it were cheaper. No problem. Just call 1-866-986-8959, and DISH will go over a variety of options that should better fit your budget.

How much is DISH per month for seniors? ›

DISH offers some senior discounts for new customers. For example, new subscribers who are 55 years or older can get six months of Dish Project Plus protection for free. This service usually costs $10.99 per month and provides all of the following: Free technician visits.

What channels is Dish Network dropping 2023? ›

With this removal, DISH customers no longer have access to the local channels in Mission's markets, such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and MNT, and to White Knight stations in two markets.

Can I share Dish Network with my neighbor? ›

That is definitely against the rules and it's likely to get you in trouble. But if your neighbor has his own account, sharing the dish is probably ok, except that you need to make sure that your equipment and their equipment are completely isolated.

Can you watch 2 games at once on DISH? ›

Watch two channels at once

DISH lets you view two shows at once in a variety of ways. In addition to having a small screen in the corner, Multi-View offers a side-by-side option. This lets you see more of the action instead of keeping the secondary screen small.

How do I activate devices on DISH Anywhere? ›

Using an internet-connected computer or smart device, go to as indicated in the activation code's on-screen instructions. Enter your username and password. Enter the activation code and select ACTIVATE DEVICE.

Why does my DISH Anywhere app say no user credentials? ›

This issue is typically caused by an incorrect username and/or password.

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