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7 Best Dog Rescues in Yorkshire! (2023) - We Love Doodles (1)

If you’re searching for the best dog rescues in Yorkshire, then this guide compiled by our team at We Love Doodles will help you on your journey. Adopting a dog from a rescue shelter is possibly one of the best things that’ll happen in your life.

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Find a Dog Rescue Near Me in Yorkshire

7 Best Dog Rescues in Yorkshire! (2023) - We Love Doodles (2)

Read the blog to find out which rescue groups are reputable and reliable enough to adopt a dog in Yorkshire. We have chosen these rescues after extensive research, and we hope that this list helps you find the best dog rescue in Yorkshire.

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1. Willow Dog Rescue

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Willow Dog Rescue was founded in 2010 to rescue and rehome abandoned dogs in South Yorkshire. This group relies entirely on volunteers to save dogs in danger and those living in harsh conditions.

Willow Dog Rescue picks dogs from council pounds and local dog compounds in Yorkshire and transfers them to safe kennels until they are adopted. In this way, hundreds of dogs are rescued by this group’s volunteers every year.

Moreover, this rescue also promotes collective efforts to encourage and educate people about the need for dog adoption. To that end, Willow volunteers provide tips and training on dog keeping to new and potential dog owners.

All rescued dogs at Willow Dog Rescue are vaccinated, neutered/spayed, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before being listed for adoption. The adoption fee for each dog is £150.

Moreover, this rescue provides four weeks of complimentary pet insurance for every dog adopted. Over the years, Willow Dog Rescue has established itself as a reliable puppy rescue in Yorkshire, and you are sure to find a healthy & well-behaved dog here.

Willow Dog Rescue Details

  • Address: 56 Dervent Road, Athersley South S71 3QT Barnsley, United Kingdom
  • Contact: 07925 038274
  • Email: enquiries@willowdogrescue.co.uk
  • Facebook: Willow Dog Rescue

2. Good Life Dog Rescue

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Good Life Dog Rescue is one of the best dog rescues in Yorkshire. The rescue was founded by a passionate animal lover who had a special love and affection for dogs. The amazing fact about this rescue is that it is self-funded.

The owner of Good Life Dog Rescue does a full-time job to fund the kenneling and veterinary bills of the organization. Since the funding is limited, this rescue does not have kennels of its own; therefore, all the dogs are kept at third-party kennels, where they are given professional care and training.

If you wish to adopt a dog from Good Life, you can view the profiles of all adoptable dogs on their website. If you like a dog, get in touch with the rescue through the contact information given below to get the adoption process started.

Good Life charges an adoption fee of £350, which includes the cost of vaccination, microchip, health check, deworming, and accessories.

This charity was established for the welfare of stray dogs in the UK, and it is more than fulfilling its purpose. Having rehomed many dogs successfully, the Good Life Dog Rescue is trusted and regarded as a reliable big dog rescue in Yorkshire.

Good Life Rescue Details

3. Whitehall Dog Rescue

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Based in Wakefield, Leeds, Whitehall Dog Rescue is one of the best dog rescues in Yorkshire. It was founded in 1992 by Brian Wheelhouse. For the past 30 years, Brian has dedicated his time and efforts to rescue unwanted, abandoned, injured, and stray dogs in the area.

Brian and his team strive to provide a home-like atmosphere to the dogs rescued from hostile circumstances. They pay special attention to the health and diet of the dogs and puppies in their care.

Moreover, the team at Whitehall Dog Rescue provides necessary treatments, including vaccinations, deworming, spaying/neutering, and health checks. They also focus on the rehabilitation of the dogs to prepare them for a permanent home.

Whitehall Dog Rescue Details

4. Linbee Dog Rehoming

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This rescue group was founded in 2014 by Linda Whitaker. Supported by dedicated volunteers, Linda has been working to rescue, look after, and rehome abandoned dogs since then.

Linbee Dog Rehoming’s main aim is to provide a safe, caring shelter for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. The charity strictly follows a no-kill policy to ensure the dogs are safely kept, loved, and rehabilitated for a better tomorrow.

So far, Linda and her team have successfully rescued more than 600 dogs, with most of them living with their new parents today. The volunteers at Linbee Dog Rehoming provide the dogs with necessary medical care and training until they are shifted to their new homes.

Linbee Dog Rehoming Details

5. Mayflower Sanctuary

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Founded in 2000 as a small charity named Animals in Need, Mayflower Sanctuary was formally registered in 2003 as a place of respite for abandoned and stray dogs.

It comprises two large dog shelters with floor heating, a cattery, and a separate puppy area. The Mayflower Sanctuary rescues and rehomes more than 400 dogs and cats annually.

Every dog at this sanctuary is vaccinated and neutered before moving to a new home. Mayflower Sanctuary is known as a reliable puppy rescue in Yorkshire as it also has puppies for adoption. The puppies up for adoption are those that were orphaned or abandoned.

You can find information about each puppy and dog available for adoption on their website. The adoption fee starts at 400 pounds and includes all basic amenities.

Mayflower Sanctuary Details

6. Rotherham Dog Rescue

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This dog rescue was founded in 1999. The primary objective of this organization is to save abandoned dogs and help them find new, loving homes. Rotherham Dog Rescue has nine large rescue kennels and fenced enclosures dedicated as a play area for dogs.

Experienced volunteers help train the rescue dogs to rehabilitate and rehome them. Moreover, Rotherham has an in-house registered veterinary doctor responsible for the medical needs of the dogs, including health checks and vaccination.

Apart from the health and well-being of their dogs, it educates dog owners on how to look after the pets they adopt. Although it started as a small shelter, Rotherham has evolved into a big dog rescue in Yorkshire over the years. You can find a variety of healthy dog breeds for adoption listed on their website.

Rotherham Dog Rescue Details

  • Address: Vale Boarding Kennels, Warren Vale, Rawmarsh, Rotherham S62 7SS, United Kingdom
  • Website: Rotherham Dog Rescue
  • Contact: 07912 146587
  • Email: rotherhamdogrescue2016@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Rotherham Dog Rescue

7. Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue

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Last on the list of dog rescues in Yorkshire is “Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue.” Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, a registered charity based in Cleckheaton, is last on our list of best dog rescues in Yorkshire.

It rescues dogs that have been surrendered or abandoned and provide them temporary shelter until they are rehomed. YRDR is staffed by volunteers who dedicate their efforts to saving the lives of dogs and cats in need.

The dogs under their care are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and given the necessary medical treatments. Moreover, YRDR focuses on rehabilitating rescue dogs to give them the best chance at readoption.

Most dogs who have lived in council pounds or closed kennel shelters develop behavioral issues or health problems. Yorkshire Rose trainers focus on addressing these concerns through rehabilitative training.

If you wish to adopt a dog from YRDR, you must fill out their online application form. It’s also worth noting that families with children 5 years or younger are not eligible to apply for adoption. You can get in touch with the rescue for more information.

Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue Details

How to Choose a Dog Rescue in Yorkshire

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You will find several dog rescue groups and kennels offering dog adoption. Some target specific breeds, while others keep dogs irrespective of their size, age, or breed.

With multiple dog rescues operating in Yorkshire, it can be challenging to differentiate between genuine and phony dog rescues. In this blog, we have presented a list of the most dependable and trusted dog rescue centers to ensure that you visit the right place.

Now, while comparing dog rescues, you need to include the following points in your checklist:

  • Are you given access to conclusive information about the dogs available for adoption?
  • Has the rescue provided you with the complete medical history and health record of the dog?
  • Does the rescue group provide sufficient facilities to its rescued dogs?
  • Are you being provided with any post-adoption service or support?
  • Is the rescue group taking complete responsibility and ownership of the provided information?

Apart from these points, you must watch out for some warning signs. For instance, a rescue or adoption group that only has puppies on its adoption listing might be a puppy mill.

Likewise, a lack of price disparities may also signal that the organization is a business disguised as a rescue group.

Conclusion For The “Best Dog Rescues in Yorkshire”

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In this blog, we have incorporated up-to-date information about dog rescues in Yorkshire. The information and stated facts have also been authenticated from the official sources of each rescue group to ensure validity.

Comparing the history, activities, and services of these rescues will help you choose the most reliable option and pick a healthy dog for adoption. Best of luck.

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Before you adopt a dog from a rescue shelter in Yorkshire, you can learn more by watching “How to Prep For a Rescue Dog” down below:

7 Best Dog Rescues in Yorkshire! (2023) - We Love Doodles (12)

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