(5 Reasons & Fixes) Jeep Key Fob Not Detected! (2023)

Is your jeep key fob not working or Jeep key fob not detected?

If these issues are driving you crazy, read on to find solutions to your problem.

The malfunctioning key fob is a problem common to Jeep Compass, Jeep Renegade, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Liberty to almost all models.

The article explains possible reasons for the problem with your fob as well as the solution to it.

As you may have guessed, the most common solution is replacing the key fob battery.

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What Does Key Fob Not Detected Mean?

Not detecting the Key Fob means the car’s receiver unit has not received a signal from the transmitter unit of the fob.

The following are questions that Jeep owners have asked.

They all relate to the fob not working, Jeep not recognizing the key fob, and Jeep not detecting key fob.

These warnings prohibit you from starting the car. If the key fob not detected message appears while driving, the vehicle does not stop or cut, and you will still reach your destination.

However, once you switch off the engine, you will not be able to start it unless the error message has been reset or the issue fixed.

Why Is My Jeep Key Fob Not Detected? (5 Reasons!)

(5 Reasons & Fixes) Jeep Key Fob Not Detected! (1)

Here are the reasons of why is your jeep key fob is not detecting.

#1 Dead Fob Battery

A dead battery is the number one suspect. Your key fob uses RFID technology to communicate with the car.

RFID is suitable because it is a low-power consumption communication protocol.

You can use your key fob for a few years before you have to replace the battery. However, when the battery is dead, your attempts at unlocking the car by pressing the fob will be unfruitful.

A dead fob battery means the fob does not have sufficient power to communicate with the vehicle.

#2 Malfunctioning Key Fob

Although key fobs are mainly made up of solid-state devices and do not have many moving parts, they can malfunction.

Malfunctions can be a result of exposure to extreme temperature conditions.

Leaving a key fob in the heat for long periods affects the tiny electronic components inside.

Cold weather has the same adverse effects. Avoid leaving your fob keys in extremely hot or cold temperatures for extended periods.

As much as the internal structure of the fob can malfunction, the physical pushbuttons can also become misaligned or broken.

Despite your pressing, if the buttons are stuck, the necessary contacts won’t be made, and there will be no communication with your car.

#3 Wrong Key Fob

We have all looked for a pen or phone that we are holding, so obvious but not so obvious!

You could have grabbed the wrong fob from a key tray. Each fob transmitter is synchronized to its particular receiver.

The transmitter on your fob and the receiver on your car are synchronized. Thus, any other fob will not unlock your Jeep.

#4 Faulty Door Lock

The fob communicates with the car’s communication system to enable the opening of doors.

Once communication is established, the control center of the vehicle sends a signal to an actuator that unlocks the door.

Suppose there are mechanical problems with this actuator system. In that case, this mechanical concern may interfere with the command system and be interpreted as a fob error.

#5 Worn-out Car Battery

When a car battery is in its last days, it cannot provide power for all the functions that require energy. It is good practice to check your battery’s state if you detect the key fob error.

What Happens If Jeep Key Fob Dies?

Nothing will happen if the key fob fails to communicate with the car while driving. If this error is detected before the car starts, then the car might not start.

Models that have a key fob with an actual steel hidden key can use their hidden key to gain entry into the car and lock it.

For keyless fobs, see below 3 ways to get your vehicle moving, so you do not get stuck!

3 Ways to Fix Jeep Key Fob!

Doors taking a long time to unlockReplace battery
Intermittent faultsReplace the electronic circuit board
Unresponsive fobReprogram fob

#1 Replace The Electronic Circuit Board

If the fob is giving intermittent errors and you’re sure the battery is in good condition, look into replacing the fob’s electronic circuit board.

Replacing the board will restore normalcy to your fob functions.

#2 Battery Replacing

How do I know if my key fob battery is low?

Your battery will start giving signals before it dies. Your doors will take longer to open or only open when you’re close to the car.

#3 Reprogram Fob

If your fob has become unresponsive, it could be that the program has crashed and needs to be reloaded.

You can do this on your own. If the self-help method does not work, you can consult a professional for help.

Jeep Key Fob Reprogramming Steps

Read below to understand how to perform a reset.

  1. Get into your Jeep and close all doors.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition and turn to the I position. Do not start the vehicle.
  3. Press the door lock button and turn the key to the off position. Do this repeatedly three times.
  4. You should hear the lock sound on the third try. This sound confirms that your key has been programmed.
  5. If this solution does not work, try again after a minute. Ensure that all doors are closed.

How To Start Jeep With Dead Key Fob?

  • Put your foot on the brake pedal and press the push-to-start button with your fob key.
  • Keep your foot on the brake and hold the fob on the start button for about 5 seconds, and your car should start.

How To Open A Jeep Key Fob?

  • Remove the metal key if your fob has one.
  • Use the key to separate the two plastic sections making up the fob case.
  • Twist the key to separate, and the compartments should come apart. You will see the battery embedded in one of the compartments.
  • Use a thin screwdriver for popping out the battery and replace it with a good one.
  • Align the two compartments and press them together to close.
  • A mechanical “click” will alert you that the fob has closed.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Key Fob Not Detected (Solution!)

The Jeep 2015 model has many instances of the fob message appearing on the dashboard.

If you have tried the brake and start method and it doesn’t work, try the classic shutdown method.

Locate the battery under the seat, disconnect it, and wait for about 30 sec before connecting it again.

Another tool in your pocket is pulling out the fuse and reseating it.

Check the underside of your fuse-box cover for the layout of the fuses. It should be fuse 51, a 15Amp blue fuse.

Pull it out entirely and reseat it. Replacing the fuse should solve your problem.


Here are some frequently asked questions about jeep key fob.

Why Does My Jeep Key Fob Not Work After Replacing the Battery?

If the key fob is not working after replacing the battery, it may need reprogramming.

Can I drive with a low battery key fob?

You can drive with a low-battery key fob. However, it is best to replace it as soon as you notice that the battery may be dying. A simple sign that the battery is failing is that the range at which the fob responds becomes shorter.

Can a dead key fob drain a car battery?

The car’s system is programmed to check for a signal from the fob at specific intervals; hence the vehicle will continue “looking” for the fob, using battery power each time. This unnecessary use of the battery adds to battery usage but the power used is very little. Your fob is unlikely to drain your battery unless left for extended periods.

Does cold weather affect key fobs?

Cold weather tends to reduce a battery’s useful life. Suppose your fob is used in cold temperatures. In that case, it will need replacement sooner than a battery used in warmer climates. Exposure of the fob to extremely cold temperatures, such as leaving the fob outside on a cold night, is not advisable.

Final Words

Your key fob, when looked after, can be one of the most convenient features of your car.

Special things deserve special treatment. Please do not throw your fob around, spill beverages, or be reckless with where you place it.

It is also good practice to store your fob in a faraday bag to prevent hacking into your fob transmitter signal.

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