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The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, is a much-awaited event for all parts of India. People celebrate this 10-day-long festival with great joy and enthusiasm, starting on 10th September 2021. You are well aware that it is celebrated to mark the birthday of everybody’s favourite Lord Ganpati and includes welcoming Ganpati Bappa into our homes with utmost love. The festival is right here and it’s time we decorated our homes, but since the lockdown, many people are preferring doing decorations on their own. Here are easy-to-do Ganpati decoration ideas to make your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations even more special with tips for home decor.

10 Eye-Pleasing DIY Ganpati Decorations To Bring In The Festive Vibes

1. Ganpati Mandap Decoration

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Lord Ganesha deserves the best throne you can provide, so why not build one yourself! Here are a few ideas for Ganpati mandap decoration at home:

  • Swing: The swing in your garden is a perfect place for Lord Ganesha to reside. This Ganpati makhar decoration at home can be spruced up by a good saree used as a sheet for the statue of the Lord. The rails of the swing can be decorated with garland strings. Now you know Ganpati decoration is not all that hard.
  • Stool: This Ganpati makhar decoration idea at home fits everyone’s budget. If you have a wooden stool, then it’s perfect as it gives an earthy look; place a few leaves as the base and the statue of the Lord on top. Or you can use a nice cloth as the base and beautiful colourful flowers.
  • Bricks: Bricks are accessible and easily available. This also works as an eco-friendly Ganpati decoration. Wash the bricks thoroughly and then leave them out to dry. After this, you could stock them up and place the statue of Lord Ganesha on it, or you could build a small fort and place the statue in the middle. Ganpati decor at home does not have to be complex, it is to be heartfelt.
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2. Use Adorning Candles, Diyas And String Lights

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The lights are the most important part of a simple decoration for Ganpati at home. To decorate your home, you can use candles, diyas and place them around the chowki or home temple and make everything more bright. Decorating the pooja room with fairy light strings will make your decoration even brighter. Adding colourful lights will make the room more vibrant and attractive.

  • Outdoor Celebration: If you are having an outdoor celebration, then this is an apt Ganpati lighting decoration idea for your home. You could light up your garden with huge bulb lights and wrap your trees with string lights. This idea adds elegance to your celebration.
  • Indoor Celebrations: String lights are your item to go. You could cover your ceiling with it, or put it in corners to define a room. Ganpati decoration could reach the next level with this simple idea.
  • Spotlight: This is one of the most creative ideas for Ganpati decoration at home for any festival. During the aarti, you could switch off all the lights except a spotlight that shines on the statue of Ganesh Ji. The whole aura of the light gives a sense of the divine.

3. Ganpati Background Decoration

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Background decoration can easily change the whole look and all family members can chime in.

  • Drapes: This is an eco-friendly Ganpati decoration idea for your home. Everyone has beautiful sarees at home, you could use them as Gauri Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers or beads for home by using cardboard to create a face and drape a saree as the body; it could serve as a good backdrop for Lord Ganesh’s statue.
  • Beads: Beads are perfect for Vinayaka Chavithi decoration at home. They are cheap and easily available, they also come in numerous options. You could DIY your designs and it is one of the easiest Ganpati decoration ideas.
  • Orchid Flowers: These flowers have a very majestic look to them. It serves as a good flower decoration for Ganpati at home. The orchid flowers can be made into an arch for the background or rectangle or any other shape. It is a simple decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi at home, but the result is divine and graceful.

4. Decorate The Walls

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We tend to use eco-friendly and easy DIY decorations because everyone is eco-conscious. So, instead of going with traditional ideas like garlands, frills and balloons, why not think of wall paintings? Yes, unique wall frames can infuse fun vibes and better the decoration of your pooja room at the right spot.

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5. Designer Placemats To Adore The Appeal

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It’s time to embrace the appeal a little more. Just place a designer round table mat or placemat on the chowki or mandap and see the magical effect in your decor. This decor accessory can be found in numerous colours, so choose the best that is commendable with aesthetics. You can also use eye-catching utensils that look pretty.

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6. Creativity With Cardboards

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For Ganpati decor, you can choose to go with cardboard and create some aesthetic and innovative designs like ‘Ganpati Darbar’ with the cardboard. Using the mount boards, you can design a beautiful and attention-grabbing darbar to place the Ganpati murti. Make sure that you go with light shades to make it look attractive.

  • Mandap: You could pursue creative makhar decoration ideas with cardboard and add fairy lights to them. They may take time, but they add charm to your altar and charm to your celebrations! Home decoration for the Ganpati festival is highly anticipated by the kids. So make sure you involve them in this crafting time.
  • Background: You can choose to decorate the background with a dupatta, matching the colour you’ve put on your cardboard. Hang the dupatta behind the Ganesh murti to create the illusion of curtains. This is definitely an easy and innovative decoration theme for Ganesh Chaturthi.

7. Paper Flowers Decoration

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Paper is an eco-friendly decorative material and the best Ganpati decoration for the home and the bonus is that kids love it! Flowers made from paper are not as hard to make and here is your list of various Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers:

  • Readymade Paper Flowers: These flowers are available in all online stores or a confectionery near your place. If you are willing to put in a significant budget, then you can hire someone to make the figure of Ganpati Ji for you out of paper flowers. This serves as an innovative Ganpati decoration idea for your home.
  • Basic Origami: Now YouTube has everything and is accessible to all. Want to put in your hard work – this is the best idea for you. YouTube tutorials give you a step-by-step method of how to make flowers and you could also add origami butterflies and birds to give it an eco-friendly look.
  • Cut-Out Flowers: If you have a set budget and do not have the time for origami, then there is a solution for you as well. You could create an outline of the flower and cut them out. Then you could colour it as you want and add stickers or glitter; the possibilities are endless! This is a simple but also creative idea for Ganpati decoration at home.
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8. Clay Ganpati Idols

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Clay is a good choice for home decoration for the Ganpati festival. If you have children at home, then this Ganesh Chaturthi decoration item is perfect to fume in their creativity. You can ask your kids to make clay idols of Lord Ganesh, colour them and put them up on the mandaps. It is not only a fun idea but also a creative activity for your kids!

9. Pop Up Greenery

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Go green! Yes, gather all the plants in the area where you have decided to keep your Ganesha and make a green home for God. This will give an aesthetic touch to the decor and infuse the fresh air into your Bappa’s home. You can use your creativity by keeping the plants in stylish metal planters or small planters that can easily be purchased online.

10. Decorate With Colourful Flowers

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Colourful flowers add a vibrant look to your home Ganpati decor. They add a festive spirit to your home and you can also arrange them creatively and make rangoli patterns. You can place floral designs under the idol and leave the rest on the feet. A rangoli can also be made with different colour flower petals at the entrance of your home.

Find how to choose the right murti & perform an eco-friendly visarjan here.

The kind of happiness that surrounds you and your family during Ganesh Chaturthi cannot be explained in words. Give your home the most beautiful appearance when inviting Ganpati Bappa and enjoy the festival with utmost devotion, and happiness and pray that all your worries are taken away by Vighnaharta Ganesh!

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